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Online Stores for Shadow 750 Parts:

Click here to find great sources for OEM parts, custom parts, and general motorcycle parts from a list of numerous stores and online vendors ranging from custom parts, to shocks, to apparel.

OEM Motorcycle Parts

Looking for OEM motorcycle parts for your Honda or any other make and model of motorcycle? Check out these various vendors for your VTX headlight, VTX rim, or 21" Shadow Rims, as well as any missing bolts screws or factory parts. At these vendors you can search for OEM parts or locate them via easy to find online diagrams and listings. Be sure to compare pricing between them to make sure you are getting the best deal.

Service Honda      Power Sports Pro      Cheap Cycle Parts      Direct Line Parts      Bike Bandit      Ron Ayers


Custom Motorcycle Parts

TJ Brutal Customs  - A one man operation (be patient for parts ordered) of top quality custom build and performance parts and a customizer for honda shadows incluting the VT750 and VT600 including velocity stacks for maximun power. TJBC also provides carb cleaning and other services.

Wild Bikers Motorcycles - MB Shocks, Custom Wheels, Pegs, and more for various Honda makes and models including VTX, Spirits, Shadows, etc.

Blue Collar Bobbers - Custom Bobber kits make bolt on bobber kits and other accessories (rear fender, spring seat, license plate bracket, mirrors, lighting, and more!) for many VT750 models (ACE, DC Spirit, C2 Spirit, Aero, and Phantom and other makes and models of motorcycle. 

AME Chopper Parts - AME Chopper (Choppy Supply, LLC) sells bolt on rake kits for Honda and other makes of motorcycle including longer fork tubes. They also carry a full line of accessories.

Fabricator Kevin's Parts - Fabricator Kevin produces numerous custom parts that could be used to customize your VT750 such as jokey shifters and sidemount taillights.

TMC Customs LLC - Makers of custom VT750DC parts. Cateye Tail Lights, Sidemount License Plate Brackets, Forward Controls, and even Harley Davidson Peg Mounts.

Scootworks - Makers of the Belt Drive Conversion Kits for the VT750 motorcycles. Scootworks sells lowering kits for both the front and rear of the Shadow Spirit, as well as a full line of products including sprokets and more.

Scootmods - Custom lowering struts, sidemounds, and forward controls for all of the VT750 models of motorcycles including the Ace, Spirt, Aero, and Spirit C2.

Scootmods Ebay Store - Forward Controls of varying sizes, lowering struts, and numerous sizeds of fork tube extensions.

Mortons Custom Cycle - 7 Degree Raked Trees for the VT750 (all models), VT1100, VT1300/1800 and even the VLX. They also carry a plethora of other parts and services. These are top quality tree's that do no thave issues like other cheaper options.

621 Cycles - Custom Risers and an Under Fender Tail light for the VT750 and other Shadow model parts.

The following Sites have Closed or appear to be abandoned:

The Original Billski Mods  - (Unfortunately Billski Mods has officially closed) Many years ago Billski Mods released the original Billski Taillight a sleek bolt on factory replacement brake light for the VT750DC. Now Billski parts can often be found used on Ebay.

Oomps Pipes - (Ooomp no longer makes pipes) it may or may not ever return, but Oomps pipes were custom bent pipes built specifically for the VT750DC.

Slitherin Seats - (no longer in service) Slitherin Seats performs alterations to the stock seats on 2001 - 2009 VT750  motorcycles. They offer options for 2-up riding or converting your seat to a solo seat, including the ability to add a gel pad for additional comfort.

Tejas Thumper Cycles - (this site appears to be abandoned) Makers of many custom parts for a multitude of bikes, they have a cool custom exhaust for old and new VT750 motorcycles.

Ardcore Choppers - (Site not function last we tested) Makers of the bolt On Rigid Kits for the VT750 Spirit and Ace. These guys also speicalize in custom frame building, handle bars, and exhausts.

Cruiser Performance - (this store has closed) Crusier performance produces custom handlebars for Metric Cruisers, check out their selection of both ape hangers and T bars of various sizes.


With each of these vendors you will find a vast selection of parts and accessories for all motorcycles.

D2Moto          Crusier Customizing          Phat Performance Parts          Biker Performance          Chrome Whore

Hell Riser Customs          Mean Cycle          Motorcycle Accesories          JP Cycles          Jireh Cycles



Thin Motorcycle Helmets

Daytona Helmets

Lick's Cycles NovDot 3/4 Helmets


Motorcycle Performance

Factory Pro: jet kits          Carb Jet Kits          Big City Thunder


 Motorcycle Wheels and Tires

American Moto Tire          Buchanan Spokes


Motorcyle Leather and Apparel

Leather Up          Motorcycle Superstore


Motorcycle Lighting and Electrical

Radiantz          Battery Stuff          Regulator Recitfier(stators)          Super Bright LEDs


Custom Motorcycle Shocks

MB Store


Other Motorcycle Vendors

Modaco - Camlock
GM Cycles
Biker Com
Cycle Therapy
Custom Dynamics
New Enough: Apparel
West End Motorsports
Motorcycle Acccessory Warehouse
Twisted Throttle
Motorcycle Accessories International
Custom World International