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Online Communities and Forums for the Honda Shadow 750 model motorcycles:

Click here to see a list of links to great Online Communities and Forums filled with users who can provide a wealth of information and advice when customizing and servicing your VT750 motorcycle.




Shadow Crew <===NEW NEW NEW!!!
Shadow Crew is a new UK based Shadow forum, gallery, and more. Welcome to the Darkside.

The Spirit World
An agressive adult rated online community that is a great source of modifications and information regarding the Honda Shadow Spirit VT750DC.

Spirit Chop Shop
A friendly online commuity that also provides great info on modifications for the Shadow Spirit VT750DC. (new link)
A great community with links, members, and forum for discussing mods, maintenance, and more related to the Ace 750. Much of the Ace 750 information is fully interchangeable with the VT750DC and other Shadow 750 models as well.

Strictly Ace 750 - ***We Are Attempting to Archived Important Items Here at***
Strictly Ace 750 was a very informative community for the ACE 750 motorcycle, much of this information is fully interchangeable with the VT750DC and some is interchangeable with other Shadow 750 models. Unfortunately it appears to finally have gone down for good, we are restoring relavant how to's and informational articles here for your reference.

Shadow Aero 750 
An informative site dedicated not only to the 750 and 1100 Aero but all Honda Shadows.

Honda Shadow .NET
Another great source for finding information on the Shadow Spirit 750 DC.




Spirit 750 forum
A great friendly Delphi forum filled with Honda Shadow Spirit 750 DC enthusiasts.

The Spirit World
An adult rated raw forum with very knowledgeable motorcyclists and innovative Shadow Spirit 750 DC modification.

Honda Shadow Riders Forum
A forum for all models of the Honda Shadow Spirit motorcycle.

Shadow Riders Forum
A great forum for all of the Honda Shadow models old and new.

Honda Shadow .NET Forum
Another forum for support of all models of the Honda Shadow.

Strictly Ace 750
A friendly Delphi forum for the Shadow Ace 750.

Aero 750 Forum
A friendly Delphi forum filled with Honda Shadow Aero enthusiasts.

Spirit 750 C2 Forum
A friendly Delphi forum filled with Honda Shadow Spirit C2 enthusiasts. 

Note: One membership to the Delphi Forums gets you access to all of the Delphi forums listed above. 

750ACE Forum
An informative forum for the Honda ACE 750 which may help you no matter what model Shadow 750 you have. 

Honda Shadow Garage - Forum
A forum board for all shadow models and engine sizes and all years.