Factory Pro H39 Jet Kit Review




Factory Pro H39 Carburetor Recalibration Kit. Part # CRB-H39-1.1-Ti


Factory Pro Jet Kit

I specifically bought the CRB-H39-1.1-TI kit to begin with. I later bought the individual larger jets to make my 1.1-TI kit into the equivalent of the CRB-H39-3.0-TH kit. Factory Pro jet kits are very complete kits including titanium needles, replacement stainless steel allen screws (much better than stock phillips head screws), larger pilot jets, numerous main jets for accurate tuning, and these kits require no slide drilling. If you are rejetting for a stock air box modification buy the 1.1 kit, if you are adding a high performance air intake such as a Thunder Air kit or Hypercharger you will want to buy the 3.0 kit. The cost is the same for either kit, but the 3.0 kit has the larger jet sizes in place of the stage 1 jet sizes. Individual jet sizes can be purchased as you need them. The instructions are simple and have examples of jet combinations for various setups. The guide also covers the proper way to recalibrate your carbs. Following the Factory Pro recommendations on proper tuning will allow you to find the right setup for your bike to get the most power and performance in the shortest amount of time. The customer service is fantastic should you have any questions they have techs available to help you through your tuning woes and their information on their website is very informative. I am extremely pleased with my Factory Pro jet kit, it has proven to be very versatile and has all of the jets I need for any changes I might make with air intakes or exhaust.