VTX Headlight Swap

Changing the Spirit Headlight Casing to the larger VTX Headlight

Some Honda parts are interchangeable due to similarities in the engineering and design of Honda motorcycles, the VTX headlight is one of them. All that is required is to simply replace the external casing and parts with VTX parts as the actual headlight is the same. This modification should apply to all Shadow VT750 motorcycles including but not limited to the: Spirit DC, Spirit C2, Ace, and Aero.



Following the parts list below, acquire each of the parts, take note of any quantities greater than one. Assemble the headlight onto your bike in place the the stock headlight and now you have a very nice cosmetic change giving your bike a unique look. Great instructions to assist in completing this mod can be found at Fishman's VT750DC. All you need to do is replace your stock headlight with the VTX headlight utilizing the parts list below.

Parts List:

VTX headlight part numbers:
VTX Headlight Unit 33120-mch-671
VTX Headlight Case 61301-mch-670
VTX Headlight Rim 61302-mch-670
VTX Headlight Stay 61312-mea-670
VTX special screw 5mm Qty2 90104-kz3-b00
VTX screw (5 x 9.5) Qty3 90380-ge2-760
VTX tap screw (4 x 10) Qty2 93909-44210


Note that these parts should be able to fit any of the 750 Shadow model motorcycles.