Rim Relace

Front and Rear Rim Relace Information

Click here to see a listing of part numbers in order to relace the rear spoke wheel to a wider VTX spoke and to relace the front wheel to a 21" Honda rim. Because both rims come from a Honda the spoke counts are identical and can therefore be relaced to your stock VT750DC wheel hubs or any other Shadow 750 model spoke hub.



VTX Rear Rim Mod

The VTX1800S  rear rim relace allows you to run a wider tire such as a 170, 180, and even 200 width tire in a more cosmetically pleasing fashion. Although all three of the tire sizes mentioned above fit on the stock rim the wider VTX rim allows the tires to sit more naturally. All shadow 750 models that have a 15" rear spoke rim can utilize this modification including but not limited to the: Spirit DC, Spirit C2, Ace, and Aero.

Note that after relacing to the wider VTX rear rim the 170 width tire actually appears  as wide as the 180 because it has to stretch just a bit to sit on the wider rim, it also sits lower in height with a flatter tread area maximizing the actual width of the tire's tread area. In comparison the 180 is taller and more round shaped. The 200 width is naturally the widest on the VTX rim but it will also be taller than the 170 and 180 width tires as well. Take this into consideration when choosing a tire size.

VTX 1800 S Rear Rim Relace Part Numbers:

Rim: 42701-mcv-a11 >>> appears to be replaced by: 42701-MCV-A12
This replacement rim also appears to more affordable as well.

Stock spokes if needed (see Ugly Spoke section at bottom)
Please double check part numbers for your model VT750 although they all should be interchangeable:
Set A (L. INSIDE) (qty 13):    06420-MCL-000
Set B (L. OUTSIDE) (qty 13):    06421-MCL-000
Set C (R. INSIDE) (qty 13):    06422-MCL-000
Set D (R. OUTSIDE) (qty 13):    06423-MCL-000



VT750 Front Rim Mods

The newer shaft driven Shadow Spirit VT750C2 bikes come with a 21 inch front rim that can be relaced to Shadow models with 19 or 17 inch front rims giving you that tall skinny tire look. The front fender will have to be removed, or if you prefer to keep it the mounting bracket will have to be modified to give it additional height to fit the newer rim with tire mounted. The Ace and Aero models probably will not benefit from this mod but the chain driving Spirit 750 DC will.

In reverse you could also have your stock rim relaced to an Ace or Aero 17 inch front rim to gain access to that fat tire look. These particular models utilize a wider/larger front stock tire size, however, the 17 inch rim opens the door to run a very wide 140/80-17 sized front tire provided that you remove your front fender or fabricate a new fender bracket.

2009 SS750 21" Front Rim Relace Part Numbers:

Rim: 44701-MBS-013

Inside Spoke (qty needed: 26): 06440-MFE-670
Outside Spoke (qty needed: 26): 06441-MFE-670


VT750 ACE/Aero 17" Front Rim Relace Part Numbers:

Rim: 44701-MBA-023

Inside Spoke (qty needed: 26): 06440-MEG-000
Outside Spoke (qty needed: 26): 06441-MEG-000


Note: All Honda rims are for a 52 spoke Hub therefore all of the VT750 spoke rims are interchangeable and can be relaced to any Shadow 750 hub, the rear VTX rim is also compatible with the VT750 models 52 spoke rear hub. The same size rim allows you to reuse your spokes a different sized rim requires new spokes to match that rim.


Ugly Spokes

Honda uses a very thin coating on their spokes and if you use the wrong cleaner the shiny finish will disintegrate leaving an unsightly dull metal spoke. Age also causes this thin finish to degrade. If your spokes have lost their luster one option is to replace them with factory replacement spokes although this can get fairly expensive. If you really want new spokes you might as well spend just a little bit more and order some stainless steel ones from Buchanan Spoke & Rim (call and have them custom ordered for the VT750).

Another option is to paint or powder coat your spokes or rims. Paint probably wont last as long as you would like and requires a fair amount of prep work. Powder coating will last and looks great except you run into fitment issues if you powder coat each part individually. The alternative of powder coating the entire wheel as a whole leaves the issue of damaging or ruining the finish if you ever need to re true the wheel.