Jet Kits

VT750 Shadow Jet Kit Part Numbers

If you are just adding a stock replacement K&N filter or Pipes a stage 1 rejet is in order. If you modify the air intake with the Bean Box Mod you will need a stage 2 or 3 rejet including bigger #42 idle jets. An aftermarket intake or running pods on the carburetors will require a stage 3 rejet with new needles, large main jets, and #42 idle jets. Various manufacturers produce jet kits for the VT750DC motorcycle. Below are various part numbers from popular manufactures for the VT750 models.


VT750DC/CD Jet Kit Part Numbers:

Factory Pro H39 Jet Kits:
Stage 1-2 
2001-07 #CRB-H39-1.1 TI
Stage 3
2001-07 #CRB-H39-3.0-TH
(Individual oversized jets available)


Carb Jet Kits:
Basic: Hvt750dc01B
Ultimate: Hvt750dc01U
Superior: Hvt750dc01S


DynoJet Kit:
Stage 1
2001 #1184
2002-07 #1182



VT750C2/C Single Carb Jet Kit Part Numbers:

Factory Pro H26 Jet Kits:
Stage 1-2 
2000-07+ #CRB-H26-1.1 
(Individual oversized jets available)