Filters and Batteries

Air and Oil Filter Part Numbers

Here you will find a list of Air and Oil filter part numbers from various manufacturers for the Honda Shadow 750 motorcycles, primarily the VT750DC Spirit, including the filter numbers for individual Pod air filters that fit directly on the CV type carburetors for maximum performance.


Battery Part Numbers:

These batteries fit all of the VT750DC/CD and VT750C(2) models.

Stock: YTZ12S (ACE and DC Spirit)

Stock: YTZ14S (stock size for newer C2 Spirit, Aero, RS, Phantom)

The YTZ14S is the preferred battery due to its higher amperage for all VT750 Shadow models.

Air Filter Part Numbers:

Over the years there have only been two different air filters used in the VT750, below I will identify each as Older and Newer.

Stock Air Filter - Older VT750 (DC Spirt / ACE): 17213-MBA-010

Stock Air Filter - Newer VT750 (Aero, C2 Spirit, Phantom, RS): 17213-MEG-000

Uni POD Air Filter for Older dual carb VT750: Uni PK-82

K&N Replacement Air Filter: HA-7500 (Older VT750 on left) and  HA-7504 (Newer VT750 on right)


Oil Filter Part Numbers:

K&N Oil filter: KN-303

K&N: KN-204 (with nut on end of filter) 

K&N Chrome: KN-303C

Honda: 15410-MJC-000 

Wix: 51358 



Purolator: ML16817 

Napa Gold: 1358 

Fram: PH6017A 

Carquest: 85358 

Amsoil: SMF103 

AC Delco: PF2123 

Purolator Pure One: PL14612

Mobil: M1-108

Bosch: 3300