VT750 ACE Specs

VT750CD/C2/C3/C/CD3 ACE Factory Specifications:

Here you will find specs for Honda's American Classic Edition (ACE) VT750 motorcycle. These specs apply to the standard VT750 ACE and the VT750 ACE Deluxe which had additional decorative chrome pieces and special paint options. Depending on the year your ACE was made there are a handful of model numbers used including the C2 in the early years and then the C, CD, C3, and CD/3 model numbers in latter years depending on if it is a Deluxe or standard ACE. Although their gearing is slightly different due to different sized rear sprockets the ACE and DC Spirit use the same Engine so their specs are quite similar including their stock and dyno horsepower and torque ratings.

The Honda Shadow ACE 750, also known as the American Classic Edition 750 and also as the SA750 is the first member of the 750 series of Honda Shadow V Twin Cruisers introduced in 1997. The ACE was designed to compete with the looks and styling of the popular Harley Davidson motorcycles with the reliability and power of Honda enginieering. Being a Shadow 750 makes it one of the most reliable and affordable mid size cruisers of its time and is most notably identified by its long fenders, covered front forks, comfortable factory seat, 52 spoke wheels, and a chain drive which maintains a true old school appearance over newer shaft driven Honda shadow models.



Years Made:

1997 - 2003

 Stock Power Ratings


Engine Type:

745cc liquid-cooled 52° V-twin

Single Pin Crank


45HP @ 5500RPM

Bore and Stroke:

79mm x 76mm


46.5 ft lbs @ 3300RPM

Compression Ratio:


 Dyno Results (Stock): 


Valve Train:

SOHC; three valves per cylinder  Horsepower: 36HP @ 5500RPM


Two 36mm CV diaphragm-type  Torque: 42 ft lbs @ 3000RPM


CD with electronic advance
    two spark plugs per cylinder
 Rev Limiter RPM: @ 6300 RPM


Wide-ratio five-speed    

Final Drive:

O-ring-sealed chain

 Guides by Year:





1997  1998  1999  2000   2001

2002    2003


Front: 41mm fork;
5.1 inches travel
Rear: Dual shocks, five-position preload adjustment;
    3.6 inches travel

ACE Deluxe:

1999  2000  2001



Front: Single 296mm disc with twin-piston caliper
Rear: Drum

 VT750 ACE Buyers Guide:

Buyers Guide


Front: 120/90-17                 Rear: 170/80-15    


63.6 inches

 Stock Handlebar Rise and     PullBack:

 Rise: 5"    Pullback: 12.5"   

Rake (Caster Angle):







Seat Height:

27.6 inches


Dry Weight:

505 pounds


Fuel Capacity:

3.69 gallon, (including 1.08gal reserve)