VT750DC Specs

VT750DC Factory Specifications and Guide Links:

Here you will find specs for the VT750DC motorcycle including both stock and dyno horsepower and torque ratings. Many of these specs including the dyno results apply to the VT750CD A.C.E Deluxe and the VT750C3 A.C.E.



VT750C2 Specs

VT750C2 Spirit Factory Specifications:

Continuing on the traditions of the VT750DC the C2 is a new and improved ride with the classic look of the spirit built on the chassis and engine of the modern 750 Aero. There are multiple Shadow VT750C2 models including the VT750C2 Spirit 2007 - 2009 and the newer 2012 -Present models.  Both are virtually identical to the equivalent Aero and Phantom models. Note that the earlier Spirit models use a 34mm CV style carburetor while the newer Spirt C2 models utilizes Honda's programmed fuel injection (PGM-FI) and a 34mm throttle body. The C2 Spirit comes with a 21" front wheel and a one piece seat that matches the bikes curves. 


VT750C Aero Specs

VT750C Aero Factory Specifications:

Continuing on the tradition of the retro styling of the Ace 750 and the sporty styling of the Spirit 750 the Aero combines retro style, big bike feel, comfort, and new Honda technology for a more powerful cruiser package with both classic and modern styling perfect for long rides. There are two models of the Aero line: the earlier models utilize a single 34mm CV style carburetor while the newer model switched to Honda's newer programmed fuel injection (PGM-FI) and a 34mm throttle body.


VT750RS Specs

VT750RS Factory Specifications:

Modeled with a classic style inspired from the days of flat track racing. The RS combines the cruiser style of the shadow line with old school roaster "cool". Featuring a chain final drive, higher mid mount foot pegs, shorter and more upright handlebars, a flatter seat, and even a peanut shaped classic roadster tank. The RS line may become a new hit similar to the DC spirit because of the chain driven final drive leaves room for flexibility and gearing modifications matched with Honda's fuel injection and cool "cafe racer" style. 


VT750C2A/B Specs

VT750C2A/B Phantom Factory Specifications:

The VT750C2(A/B) Phantom (2010-Present) is a cosmetic spin off of the newer Spirit C2 models with its bobbed rear fender and blacked out cosmetics. The seat height is lower than the Aero similar to the C2 Spirit. The Phantom comes with Honda's programmed fuel injection (PGM-FI) and a 34mm throttle body. For supurb handling the Shadow Phantom utilizes a 17" front rim and a fat front tire.


VT750 ACE Specs

VT750CD/C2/C3/C/CD3 ACE Factory Specifications:

Here you will find specs for Honda's American Classic Edition (ACE) VT750 motorcycle. These specs apply to the standard VT750 ACE and the VT750 ACE Deluxe which had additional decorative chrome pieces and special paint options. Depending on the year your ACE was made there are a handful of model numbers used including the C2 in the early years and then the C, CD, C3, and CD/3 model numbers in latter years depending on if it is a Deluxe or standard ACE. Although their gearing is slightly different due to different sized rear sprockets the ACE and DC Spirit use the same Engine so their specs are quite similar including their stock and dyno horsepower and torque ratings.